Music by Tommy Stinson in New Movie

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Music by Tommy Stinson in New Movie

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Music by Tommy Stinson in New Movie
Monday • January 15, 2007


Tommy Stinson and BT (Brian Transeau) have created the original music for the upcoming movie Catch And Release, starring Jennifer Garner. It's a romantic comedy and will open in US theaters January 26th, 2007.

Tommy first commented on this project in September, 2005:
First off, I've been writing songs and music for a movie called Catch and Release with Jennifer Garner for Sony Pictures. It's taken me a few years to land one of these and I'm stoked to be doing it. I'm told the movie will come out next spring.

Here are some excerpt from an interview with BT by Progressive-Sounds from August, 2006:
I've got a ton of other stuff going on that I've worked on earlier in the year. I have two films coming out, "Surveillance" which is now called "Look" comes out November, and "Catch and Release" -- the movie I did for Sony -- is probably going to come out just after Christmas. I produced a bunch of sounds for Tiesto's album and sang on one called "Break My Fall" that I'm gagging to play out at my live sets but I can't because I want to be respectful! But it's a monster, man, it's really killer. And I've been working on my follow-up to Emotional Technology too; I'd say I'm a good 80-85% of the way through that.

I've also got the indie record I'm doing with Tommy Stinson from The Replacements, he plays for Guns n' Roses now. That album is called "By Golden Means," and God only knows when or where we're going to put that out. But actually two of the songs that we wrote as a band are in "Surveillance" so that's where you can hear them to start with. But that album is just really beautiful. I found myself in my living room drinking beer and playing an accordion. It's mental, man. Playing according, glockenspiel, hammered dulcimer and ukulele, live drums in my living room, a lot of bass, and just total weirdness. It's beautiful, melodic, lo-fi, crappy sound recording indie stuff, but a beautiful, really cool record, and a lot of fun to do.
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