Tom Zutaut's letter in NY Times

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Tom Zutaut's letter in NY Times

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The New York Times, Sunday, March 20, 2005
Arts & Leisure

No Compromises

To the Editor:

Axl Rose was one of the only artists I ever worked with who was never motivated by money. He consistently put the quality of his artistic output above all. Whether you consider him to be a musical genius on hold, a poster child for the misunderstood, or a narcissist, all of his actions are motivated by a pure desire to make every recording count as a true reflection of his own high standards.

In a sea of musical mediocrity and generic voices processed into greatness by computers, Axl Rose achieved the American dream in music without compromising his integrity for the sake of fame or fortune. I am sure that Axl's new Guns N' Roses will impact popular culture with the same vigor and vitality that made "Appetite for Destruction" a part of musical history.

Los Angeles

Source(s): The New York Times, Sunday, March 20, 2005
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