Chris Cornell talks about touring with GN'R and Axl

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Chris Cornell talks about touring with GN'R and Axl

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Chris Cornell talks about touring with GN'R and Axl
June 16th, 2005

What do you remember - if anything - about touring with Guns N' Roses in 1992?
Bottlerocket1, Saginaw, MI

There were two main things: First, they had this enormous aluminum stage with catwalks, and at the end of each catwalk was a teleprompter so Axl could read the lyrics to his own songs. Which I thought was a little weird, since they only had two albums. The other thing was that you were not allowed to be in a hallway or anywhere where Axl might see you when he was walking between the dressing room and the stage... unless you were Chris Cornell. So, one day, I see a security guard walking him down this long corridor where there's no one except for me, and it's like they want me to see him. He's wearing his Axl Rose tennis shoes that say AXL ROSE on them and these teeny-tiny, painted-on red shorts, a backwards baseball cap and a fur coat that goes to the floor. And he just walks by and goes, "Hey, bro!" And that was it. At that point, it's one of those moments where you think about your life as a comic book - and this isn't really happening.

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