Hookers N' Blow: South American/Mexican Tour Dates

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Hookers N' Blow: South American/Mexican Tour Dates

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Hookers N' Blow: South American/Mexican Tour Dates
Friday • October 10, 2008


Hookers N' Blow, the band featuring Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses), Alex Grossi (ex-Quiet Riot, Beautiful Creatures) and Mike Duda (W.A.S.P.), will embark on a tour of South America and Mexico this November.

Inital dates are as follows:

Nov. 13 - Voce - Lima, Peru
Nov. 14 - Discoteca Mecano - Trujillo, Peru
Nov. 15 - Queens - Piura, Peru
Nov. 18 - Ibex Rock Bar - Monterrey, Mexico(canceled)

Longtime Guns N' Roses co-writer, video director/author/journalist Del James will join Hookers N' Blow on the band's upcoming South American tour. "We are very excited to have Del on board to be a part of what we feel is going to be a very special tour," says Grossi.

Del recently re-released "The Language of Fear", a collection of short stories including "Without You", which inspired the legendary video for the Guns N' Roses epic "November Rain".

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