SexTapes' Debut Album Released Today

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SexTapes' Debut Album Released Today

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SexTapes' Debut Album Released Today
Tuesday • November 11, 2008


Guns N' Roses keyboardist Chris Pitman's side project SexTapes released their self-titled debut album today (November 11). There's an online special at where you can get the CD for only $8.00. Also available in the store are Hoodies, Shirts, Posters, and of course, Bundled Deals.

The new album can also be downloaded at and soon on (worldwide).

Lead vocalist Chris Pitman shares, "I'm glad to finally get this album out there as it was just finished this summer. Between my involvement with Guns N' Roses and the band's high expectations for a solid and unique hard rock sound, we're stoked to finally have a great record that we're proud to release to our fans."

Recorded at The Pass Studios in Hollywood where rock legends like Smashing Pumpkins recorded "Zeitgeist" and The Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded "Stadium Arcadium," the debut album was produced and mixed by Chris Pitman. All songs are written by Kelly Wheeler and Chris Pitman.

Read the full press release at this location.(dødt link)

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